Friday, April 07, 2006

Endless Grace

I have another testimony!
I have an over active thyroid gland that developed a cyst and its been there for some time now but in recent days, I ruptured a blood vessel and the cyst has been filling with blood and protruding out my neck looking like a goiter. My friends say that explain my irrational behavior, blood must have been seeping in my brain....ha ha very funny....NOT!!!! So over the weekend it became painful and was accompanied with constant headache. I decide to go see a doctor, I was told i would require surgery but first they needed to see if it was cancerous so they drained a cup and half of liquid from my neck!!! EWW!!! Black, dirty, contaminated blood!! That had been sitting there for God knows how long and instantly the swell went down, I will still need surgery to trim my thyroid but at least I am not walking around looking like a baboon with tripple neck. I took a picture but I will spare yall ( it is really gross!) I am just blessed mehn! Fa real cause I had been putting it off for the longest. I know in Jesus name it will not be cancerous, there will be no complication and I will be in excellent health so I thank the Almighty for that knowledge.
I also thank all my folks for holding it down as usual when I was indisposed. Follow-up appointment is coming up and I will keep yall posted. Despite my shortcomings (dem plenty no be small), God is the bomdiggidy.... aint he?

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