Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Horrifying Travel Experience

Dayo, Molayo and I missed our flight! It was just easier to roll with Dayo, I was going to leave my car at his crib and we were going to beg Bayo to drop us at the airport, well that was the plan, but the devil had other plans. We got to the airport28minutes before our flight and we were told we missed it! I was livid, this Naija woman was attending to us and I swear she was a bonafide hater. She put us on standby for the next flight. We had breakfast and waited for the 12:35 flight. We were told we could not get on that one either, then the 4pm, then the 5pm and when their final flight rolled out, I realized I may not make this trip after all. Northwest motherfuckers told me I could not standby the next day so I am Shit out of luck. I called Mumsy, she was so calm about the whole thing it was scary. She told me to go to Southwest and purchase a ticket to Chicago and by the time I get there she would work out plan B. Remi, Denrele and Dupe were working overtime to calm my hostile ass, I was mad and tired but I was lucky they still had seats on the southwest flight to chi town. Dayo had had enough, besides we were looking at additional $350 a piece to get us to Minnesota! Waramess! I got to chicago at 7:30pm, and I had to go to baggage claim to get my luggage. My peeps had made reservation for me on Air tran for an 8pm flight. I bought two tickets to MN and I rushed to get my luggage then get on the flight but it was to close, I missed it again!!! OMG, I know no one in Chi town besides Bowale who was on his way to MN as well. I finally ditched the hostility and busted into tears! This God sent man that worked with Airtran was kind enough to put me on the first flight out Saturday morning. Omolayo was tired, hungry and highly irritated and she asked if we could just go home! I snapped at her and at everyone who called my phone. My mum was worried, my friends were anxious and I was tired as hell. I checked into a hotel and slept off. Thankfully, they had a shuttle that would take me to the Airport in the AM. I arrived in MN at 10:30 am, Gbemi, Gbolahan and Missy came to get me from the airport! Nightmare Mehn! But I thank God I made it!

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