Wednesday, August 31, 2005

As I turn 27!

……….So at the last minute, I decided to have a mini dinner party to celebrate my big 27…I sooooo cannot claim Mid 20s anymore (Note to Mo: Mid 20 is between 24 and 26!) Anywho I arrived late as usually and I was joined my some of my favorite people. I hadn’t seen some of the folks in ages because I was going through my “I don’t want to be bothered” period. I may be over it now but we’ll have to see. Dayo( thanks girl) quickly organized the rara and booked us a table at a Bahamas Breeze (this fabulous Caribbean Restaurant). I had an absolute blast!
Thank yall for coming out last minute and all and showing me some love.
I even got a cake, which Molayo probably enjoyed more since it had Spider-Man decorations.
Remi, Kiwi, Dare, Dayo-boy, Denrele, Dayo-girl, Tuoyo, Biola, Shade, Dammy, Peju, Dupe, TJ, Tomi, Omolayo and Seyi…I love you guys! Here are a few piksurs!!

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My to do list.....endless

A fellow blogger asked me how I was doing with my resolutions for this year…so I figure I check up on them since I have about 4 months left to achieve them all.

This year I will;
Get closer to God…..Needs lots of work
Eat better…..good
Exercise…….. room for improvement
Take my drugs…..havent needed them…haleluyah
Take better care of myself……work in progress
Improve my relationship with my family…….Needs lots of work
Improve my relationship with my daughter…….
Shop less…..havent had a choice…Benjamin has been hiding from me
Clean more…yes indeedy
Be true to myself……not entirely but trying hard
Get better grades…..We’ll see
Lose Weight…….so help me God
Find a steady job…….AS if?
Buy a new car…….Not
Read more……yes, I read 3 books in 4 days!!!
Humble myself… humble as Apple pie
Get a washing machine/dryer……na, still stalking folks with my dirty laundry
Redecorate my living room…..I tried but it didn’t come out right (DO NOT SHOP ONLINE YALL)
Paint more…I keep trying
Cook more……Cant help it, I was a chef in my previous life.
Get a tattoo…….Not yet….but I will!
Take a vacation……Na beans?

Okay apparently I have a lot of work to do.. I beg make una pray for me o!
I will be back to gist you about my baiday if Mrs Olopade to be will just hurry the hell up with my damn pictures!!! Now why couldn’t someone just get me a digital camera? Now that would be a gift I would appreciate (Hint, Hint)!!!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It's my birthday!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me! I can't believe I am 27! OMG that is like almost 30! Which brings you closer to 40 and then you approach 50 and before I know what's gwan, I go dey turn 60!!!
Ye Pa!!!
But you know what? I ain't tripping, so what! I am still frigging fabulous!
I woke Omolayo up this morning and I was giving her the look, like are you gonna wish me happy birthday or what?
She looked at me like I was crazy and they she said "Mummy, do you need me to sing you a song or something? I already said happy birthday yesterday!" Can you imagine.
Anywho, my phone was giving me a headache so I put it on silent, I especially enjoyed listening to my 26 messages this morning! It feels good to be loved!!
If you haven't called me yet...I will give you till 3pm today...After that you can join the list of people who can kiss my ass!!! Hehehehe.

On a different note......
Let me take this chance to address all the spammers on my blog...I am not interested in penis enlargement nor do I want to try out some MP4 shit! So refrain from leaving me useless information! I mean damn, yesterday I deleted like 50 comments that were not from legit visitors...Just some random BS. Pls O! Today is my birthday and I am trying to be pleasant!!

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Say my name!!

If this woman calls me Buuulak one more time! So help me, I will bitch slap her ass with my bare feet! How hard is it to say BOLA, I don told this heifer my name like 5 times now! And the last time she said "yeah..ok" like she could not be bothered with getting it right! I already shortened the damn name from 'Omobolanle' which is very generous on my part. Tomorrow morning, I will be sure to say "Hello Michael" her name is Michele....Hell if she can be bothered...Why should I?
Takes me back t the days when I used to call myself Keisha Odegbami so the American folks would accept me in the innercaucus and not make fun of my name. My father almost had a stroke at my sixth grade graduation when they called 'Keisha Odegbami' to the podium...He stood up and corrected the error...Right there and then! The incident is still on the "Top 10 most embarrassing moments of my life"!!!
Now that I am all grown up...and proud of who I am...some heifer wants to drag me down memory lane....Nonsense!!!

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Go Bola...Its Ya birthday....tomorrow!!!!!!

In case you did not notice the counter at the bottom of my page!!!!
Tomorrow is my Birthday!!!!! Das ri....Holla at me! HEHHEHEHHEHEHEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

This week.... get to know Bowale

My list of phenomenal men and women includes…. This is my latest attempt to show appreciation for these men and women who has had tremendous impact in my life either directly or indirectly. I have spoken with these folks, I have read their words, studied their lifestyle and achievements and they are all under the Age 30. If you ask them, with humility, they will tell you that they have only just begun, but ask me and I say “WOW, these Kats and Kittens…got-it together!” I admire them and aspire to be like them. I will honor them one at a time each week in no particular order and share with you why I think they are absolutely fabulous.

Name: Bowale
Age: going on 25
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
DOB: Nov. 13
Profession: Business and Systems Consultant
Hobbies: Traveling, Networking, Hanging out with Friends and Loved Ones, Reading, Writing, and simply Relaxing
Schools attended: Queens College, Columbia Heights High School, University of Minnesota
Favorite book: I Like many books, hmmm mainly inspirational and educational (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)
Best friend: ME cuz i'm cool; on the real - my siblings are all my best friends - All 5 of them
Where are you from?: Ijebu Ode, Nigeria
Favorite food: A few, but Dodo
Ideal mate: Intelligent, Ambitious, Humble, Patient, Loving, and Attractive (to me)
Most prized possesion...: Family (is that a possession?) If not, then my pictures. they capture memories and tell a story
If you had one wish...: Difficult question! I will have to get back with you.... OK - I wish corruption will be a thing of the past for African nations
Dislikes...: Procastination, Pride, Flambouyance
One thing you would change about yourself... Express myself more
What drives you? I am driven when I know that my actions will make a difference to somebody or a group of people
Describe yourself in one word: Determined

Who has had the most influence in your life besides God:..My parents, and miscellaneous famous people who dont know me. Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, etc>

Words of advise for QB: Continue to be yourself, cuz you are real. However, like your previous message said, "Do not allow others to do unto you what you would not do unto them" or something to that effect

The stepford wife…LOL!!! (Inside Joke) Talk about determined and ambitious and Bo’s name will come up, this tiny woman of substance has so much going for her it is ridiculous. She is smart and funny and brave enough to take the bull by its horn.
(You've gotta love how she answered " If you had one wish this was a freaking Miss Nigerian pagent!!! LOL Ok Bo.... what do you really wish? )
I am so proud of you Miha and you rub off on me in a good way. We really miss you and I wish you all the best! Hey take picture of those nude beaches in Rio…I need a souvenir!!!

That's Bo in Red and Pearls

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O hell na!

Please tell me why I was minding my business trying to get to work right? On a Friday morning, on a residential street, one that I have driven on everyday since I moved here about 1 ½ years ago, going jejely like a good girl should right? and BAM!!! I get pulled over by the Donut boy on Okada!! First of all it took me a hot minute to see his flashing lights because you know my ghetto-mobile aint got no rearview mirror right? As I was proceeding to my rolling stop at a Stop sign I see the damn patriotic lights flashing like I stole something. I finally stopped and offer Mr. Donut my particulars “ Ma’am…are you in a hurry?” he asked in that passive-aggressive tone I hate so much. I told him I was on my way to see my sick friend in the hospital. He asked me if I had just moved here, I told him I was just visiting, Hell I still had my MD tags and license and I was not about to add to my troubles. He went back to his Okada and whipped up a ticket in record time. $125 fine…for why now? Doing 40MPH in school zone… $25, Court fine…$100, the distorted look on my broke ass…priceless!
I guess I am no longer untouchable, I was just bragging the other day not being pulled over by a cop since I got here…. now I know its ON cause them suckers come in 3s.Hell the cops in this hood are so jobless, they come to your house to pick you up for missing a court date! If you keep it up you may just make the local news. “ We interrupt your regular scheduled program to bring you this Special Report …An African female, has repeatedly violated the traffic laws and has obstructed justice by refusing to appear in court. Authorities have suspect in their custody and are working with the FBI (Frivolous Bullshit Investigators) to get this case to trial, we will keep you updated as the case develops… we now return to your regular scheduled program” ROTFLMAO!!!!!

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I am gonna so miss Oyin!

I have been know to take young girls under my wing and treat them like my sister but nothing compares to having your own sister mehn!!! It was nice, we spent a lot of quality time together and I got to know quite a bit about her. I had to change her ticket at the last minute because her school is starting Monday 29th, and my older sister was tripping about her missing a couple days of school, I would have loved for her to spend my birthday with me. Oh well there is always next year! Oyin....You inspire me the way you make me feel inside is amazing. Your honesty your artistry is engaging. You are everything I hope to be. You have touch my soul I want you to know you are my hero. You got so much soul to put it plain and simple you are wonderful!!!! ( India Ari)
Omolayo’s first day of school is tomorrow as well…D-day has finally arrived, she is excited out of her mind and we’ve spent the entire week picking out an outfit for the first day of school.
School is starting for me as well; I will only be taking a couple classes this semester because I anticipate working out of my mind.
Oyin and Omolayo stayed at Remi’s for the weekend so I get my crib to myself! Fun right?….NOT!! I missed them terribly so I spend my entire Saturday morning at various garage sales, I really enjoy rummaging through peoples junk it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. I found this really cute suite case for Oyin and the most fabulous collection of seashells I plan to fill a huge vase with sand and add the shells and sit it in my bathroom…that’s hot. I also got some acrylic paint for my other passion besides writing and running my mouth (LOL). Below are the last two pieces I did. Not gallery material I know but extremely therapeutic. Okay I am off to take a nap, when I wake up, I’ll paint!

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Random Norins

OMG…there is light at the end of the damn tunnel!! Things are finally coming together! I know I have not bloged in a hot minute but I have been on the run...Na, not from the FBI, or IRS or INS or any of those other alphabetized government thugs but from the same old bullshit disguised, so please excuse my leave.
This losing weight thing isn’t going so bad either, I actually feel lighter, or it could just be that now that I am rid of the emotional baggage, I feel fabulous? I quit smoking yall!!! I was going to blog about that a couple weeks ago but I forgot. I was preoccupied with trying to loose weight but I really did it…cold turkey! I probably should wait till I get over the withdrawal symptoms but I am so excited I had to share. This is not my first attempt to kick this nasty habit but I realize, as with any habit breaking it, is a thing of the mind! So it’s been 3 weeks 4 days since my last Marlboro and I am still here!!
Last Friday I took a day trip down to MD right? I had a quick errand to run and I stopped at the gas station and I swear the cigarettes were talking!! It was bizarre, they kept whispering, “buy me!” it was clear as day! But I stood my ground and waved by at the damned cancer sticks as I rolled out. I guess my quitting is a lot more successful this time because I am doing it for me…not because someone is pressuring me or I am trying to make an impression but simply because I am ready besides I'll have to come up with a more dignified way to kill myself (bungee jumping, now that is speaking volumes)!!
Ok enough about smoking…. I finally cut my hair and got my much-needed shape-up! Did I mention my barber is hot? I mean DAMN!! To bad the brother has a wife a few baby mamas but oooooh weeee! Ok pardon my hot ass, I just can’t help myself and like my girl told me the other day ‘you are as young as you feel’…lets say I am feeling bout sebentin ri naw!

Ye pa!!!! Just In, Breaking News, Special Report, NEWS FLLLAAASSSSH!!!! Omobolanle Modebolanle Olawanle Odegbami is finna turn 27 in 5 Days!!!

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Get to know Doyin...

My list of phenomenal men and women includes…. This is my latest attempt to show appreciation for these men and women who has had tremendous impact in my life either directly or indirectly. I have spoken with these folks, I have read their words, studied their lifestyle and achievements and they are all under the Age 30. If you ask them, with humility, they will tell you that they have only just begun, but ask me and I say “WOW, these Kats and Kittens…got-it together!” I admire them and aspire to be like them. I will honor them one at a time each week in no particular order and share with you why I think they are absolutely fabulous.

Name Akinnurun Adedoyin

Age 2x

Zodiac Sign Taurus

DOB may 17, 197x

Profession Software Consultant

Hobbies Computers , music and passionate about football(original one)

Schools attended Apata , Great UI , Southeastern

Favorite book Nothing Last Forever , Doomsday Conspiracy

Best Friend Ronke

Where are you from? nigeria

Favorite food poundo

Ideal mate the normal stuff….. except that she must be RICH…..I have suffered

Most prized possession... my brain

If you had one wish...I wish the whole family could be together

Dislikes... none..

What drives you? Desire to succeed and be the best and not one of the best

Who has had the most influence in your life besides God?.. A lot of people ..Mum for thunderous prayers, Sis and Bro psyching up my mind to face challenges, and Ronke for always encouraging when things really looked bleak to me.

Words of advise for QB... Never give up to hindrances or obstacles

What else can I say about a man who loves music, a man who loves art, respects the spirit world and thinks with his heart that India hasn’t covered? Doyin is the epitome of the perfect man, he is humble and kind and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Doyin and I went to high school together way back in the days of Apata Memorial High School but became friends about a year ago, and I am glad we are friends. Doyin is cool, calm and collected and I am sure he will make some lucky African Princess very happy. I love you boo and thanks for being my God sent.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Okay has anyone seen the surreal life?

This seasons Surreal Life features Bronson "Balki" Pinchot, infamous Apprentice villainess Omarosa, self-titled "world's first supermodel" Janice Dickinson, British model sensation Caprice, Sandy "Pepa" Denton of Salt 'n Pepa, extreme motocross star Carey Hart, and last but certainly not least, former baseball all-star and steroid poster boy Jose Canseco! It is a freakn zoo up in that micky flick when celebrity has-beens are forced to live together!
Will someone please tell me how Omarosa achieved the celebrity status? I am amazed that I found someone even more annoying than her…Janice Dickinson…. give me a break! This heifer is constantly reiterating that she is a super model…and the first one at that! Hell, I don’t know if she was the first but I am sick and tired of her saying it every 20 seconds! She has this glam squad that make her up every morning, I couldn’t understand why until I saw a before picture!
It is appalling to put it mildly! She is probably like 60 years old now. So I was watching it last night right and Janice claims she has leg injuries caused by 100,000 miles on the runway…. on that note….I had to change the damn channel! Then there is that buff ass dude… Jose, whom I swear is ‘on the down low’; in fact I will bet this last two dollars in my purse! Walaitalai that dude is fruity!!! I am not sure what is going on with Pepa, she is so agreeable! I can’t find that hardcore gangster vibe nowhere in her…maybe she grew-up! Caprice is cool too… I am not sure she belongs there and neither does my boo Carey Hart…”I just wanna change my name to your name baby”
Anyway for real…you need to catch that show.
Surreal life

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Let me tell yall bout my weekend!

At the last minute I decided to go to MD with Kiwi for her aunt’s 40th birthday party. I figured I catch a ride to MD and if the party sucked I could hook up with my peeps. I had like 20 back-up plans. Apparently this was a 3-day affair, with events that covered the entire weekend. We headed out to MD with the Ashirus and got to the hotel at about 8pm. We checked into our rooms (courtesy Daddy Ashiru) and prepared for the extravaganza. MO and LA were in the area for some dry event and they met up with us. Kiwi’s mum hooked us all up with a mean as gale I named “Gbe nu soun” it was Fierce! That woman has a mean gale game…mad props!

The party had all the Aristos MD could gather and then some.... it was bananas! The food was off the chain! You could tell this woman had some mad loot because her guest list included elites in all area codes. Ovation was in the house!! The party was very well organized with a fully equipped open bar for the drunkard in you.

So I am standing there chatting with this dude and I was putting my mack game down right? LA called me and I excused myself for a second only to discover my removable bra strap had snapped loose and was on the floor! LA and the blokes I was talking to had witnessed the entire ordeal! I was crushed! I played it off like that shit wasn’t mine! Why do these crazy, unexplainable singularities only happen to me! I ran into some old school mates that I did not recognize and they were friendly enough to introduce themselves as we traveled down memory lane.

Kiwi and I marveled as we watched these two ladies get sprayed mad dollars…. in their seat! I mean there was nothing remotely fabulous about these women; in fact they had a great resemblance to Michael Jackson but they just sat there and these well dressed men made their stops and lavished them with $$$$. One Alhaji even drop a Benjamin! For why na? Kiwi’s mum explained to us that perhaps they were concubines and friends of their borrowed men were acknowledging them! Lord, have mercy!!

By 3AM, Deola was knocked out, Kiwi was being accosted by a group of 4-feet tall men and I was busy convincing this bald man that I was happily married! Moji ran into an old friend and was content and LA bid her goodbyes.

We drove back to the hotel and we all agreed we had a fantastic time! We all crashed in record time.

Sunday morning we rushed to get out of the hotel by noon. We decided to eat Chinese for breakfast; Kiwi is obsessed with some noodle thing at this ghetto joint. We drove there and she was right the food was like that!

We stopped at Potomac Mills on our way home and did some `omo`rapala dances Fara thought us on the way home. I had an absolute blast.

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Fat Chance...

I was sitting here minding my business and I came across this blog discussing that show Fat Chance with Monique. Not much was said because the guy did not want to start a major controversy but since it’s my middle name, I will blow it wide open. My two cents on the show…absolutely ridiculous! How the hell do you go on TV and declare that it is ok to be overweight? It’s ok to be a size 24! It’s okay to make KFC your kitchen? I sooooo do not get it! Never mind the fact that you are more susceptible to diseases such as Diabetes, Arthritis, HBP amongst other, but have you seen our kids? My girlfriend and I ran into this little girl a couple weeks ago and she was HUGE! She said she was 14 years old! I nearly passed out! She had to be a size 22 at least!
In summary, there is definitely a difference between being fat and being thick …(yes, I dare to thread these waters)! I don’t think obesity should be celebrated (are you frigging kidding me?) It is unhealthy period! (Then again so is smoking) But seriously… I don’t agree that you have to be a size 0 to be FABULOUS but shit, you shouldn’t be a size 24 either! I love me some Monique but she should be careful about promoting the idea of eating KFC 3x a day cause you feel like it! Don’t get it twisted, there are some unhealthy skinny heifers too but don’t promote it, don’t encourage it…. obesity is a disease…period! It aint cute, it aint fabulous, it is unhealthy…opari! You see children these days, 14years old weighing 250lbs! For why? I am glad only Oxygen aired FAT CHANCE; the idea of encouraging Obese America to ride on is scary!
I am by no means a skinny girl and my preaching applies to me as well especially the part about unhealthy habits. I guess like every other fat sister I know, I am a work in progress.
Related Article

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Get to know Yetunde

My list of phenomenal men and women includes….

This is my latest attempt to show appreciation for these men and women who has had tremendous impact in my life either directly or indirectly.
I have spoken with these folks, I have read their words, studied their lifestyle and achievements and they are all under the Age 30. If you ask them, with humility, they will tell you that they have only just begun, but ask me and I say “WOW, these Kats and Kittens…got-it together!” I admire them and aspire to be like them. I will honor them one at a time each week and share with you why I think they are absolutely fabulous.

Name- Yetunde
Age- 24
Zodiac sign- Virgo
DOB 09/20/80
Profession- PR/Marketing Specialist
Hobbies- Eating, writing, meeting people, learning about(grpahics,philosophy,relationships,ancient religion)
Schools Attended- Lagos State Model College, Loyola University Chicago
Favorite book- The Four Agreements
Best friend- Ebun, Mayowa, Enid
Where are you from? Born in Chicago Raised in Nigeria Omo Festac proper
Favorite food- As long is it good, that sucka is going down :)
Ideal mate- Perfect for me (tall,dark, handsome,round head lol yah don't ask, solid motivation,spiritual,has flaws that I can deal with, and has to be able to handle stress life and work- I can be a handfull lol e.t.c)
Most prized possesion- My computer
If you had one wish- That my wishes will never end ;)
Dislikes- Mean people.. can't stand it, no reason to be mean so why be..
One thing you would change about yourself- Nada my flaws make me who I am
What drives you- The fact that I know I can achieve my highest poential and I'm the only person that can stop myself
Describe yourself in one word- Surprisingly… goofy
Who has had the most influence in your life besides God- My Mother. She is my Rock after God
Words of advise for QueenB- Whenever you feel the need to snap.. count to 20 you'll be glad you did

Yetunde and I have been cyber buddies since like 3 years ago, in the days of LVIPLIST. We never met physically but I read her web logs religiously and she kept up with my drama-ful life as well. I admire her because she is so DAMN talented! This chic is a Jacqueline of all trades and master of ALL! From her graphic designs, to her thought provoking stories, to her modeling career, and lots more… she proves that there is no mountain too high and whatever you want is attainable, if you truly work hard and have faith. We finally met on 4th of July this year and she is as FABULOUS in person as I imagined. Very pleasant, not an iota of arrogance and a kumbaya vibe that made me wanna hug somebody. My admiration for her multiplied on July 19th when she kept vigil with me to calm my troubled soul…. her wisdom is far beyond her years! “It meant a lot to me Yetti, I feel blessed to have made your acquaintance and I look forward to a lifelong friendship.”

Get to know Yetunde.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My car has officially died!

My car will not start unless someone jumps it, I mean every single time I need to go somewhere, the engine acts up! I hate that!!! I guess my cheap ass will just have to get a new battery but I am so not looking forward to it! I hate cars, I hate mechanics, I hate going to the damn gas station, I hate driving!!!! AAArrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh! I am guessing it is Oyin’s fault my battery is dead, the little heifer left my damn lights on when she went to church! I drive a 2001 Kia Sephia, not a babemobile but gets me from point A to B or maybe I should say GOT! It was an impulse buy back in 2001, I just strolled to the lot and left 2 hours later with the sad excuse for a car and a car note that could have gotten me a Jetta or a Honda Accord! Well there is no point wining about the damn car four years later, sombory should have forced me to take that shit back for a full refund! They knew I was desperate so they took advantage of me! No surprise they were all MEN!! I am clueless as per the maintenance so used cars were not an option. One time I was stuck on the I-495 because my tire exploded, it took 2 hours for AAA to come rescue me, the guy took like 10 minutes! Another time I pushed the E on my gas gauge too far and ended up stranded on I-197 I had to hike in my stillettos to a gas station like 2 miles up the street! I hate that a fall into that stereotype helpless female crap but cars just don’t interest me! My car only goes 60MPH and anything above that causes my car to vibrate so convoys are out of the question for me. The other day I was following my friends to this reception and they left my ass pronto, I mean damn! Its not my fault my piece of crap don’t do highways! Words of advise to all potential car buyers! DO NOT PURCHASE A KIA no matter how many decades of warranty they offer! I am getting a new car, perhaps a Honda Civic, Mo’s Civic is four years old as well but it runs like a brand new car, Mo spoils her civic though, I mean that car gets more check-ups than I do! Ok so maybe I kinda neglect my car but I have hated it since day one, I should have just gotten a damn refund!
I will keep you posted as per the funeral arrangements for my Kia.... donations will be greatly appreciated.

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Tooth Fairy Robbed Princess O!

Princess O lost her tooth today! We saw it coming and she fussed over it for the past couple weeks but I got a call today from her (She’s spending the weekend with Remi) “Mummy my tooth fell off, the fairy took it and didn’t leave any money!” That damn fairy better come by here and drop my baby’s loot!
Apparently she woke up and discovers her tooth was gone and Remi didn’t know what the hell was going on so she did not tell the damn fairy to leave a dollar under Omolayo’s pillow (ROTFLMAO!) They couldn’t find the tooth because no one knows when it fell off. I just hope she did not swallow the tooth! 23 more days till she starts kindergarten!
After 5 years of paying $100+ dollars/week day care I just want to say…BABA O! E SE!!!

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My Dearest Oyin...

As you grow up, you learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.

Someone sent this to me to help me feel better and I hope it will help you too boo.
Love always,
Your big sis.

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The New Destiny's Child

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Omokayinsola

Oyin is spending the summer with me. It just occurred to me that I had not seen her since 2 summers ago, but my lil sis is all grown up now! In fact today is her birthday…Happy Birthday Honey!! I had this big plan to hang out with her today but instead, I slept like a log of wood all day long, I am still recovering from my long ass weekend.
She is driving as well which has been the cause of my most resent anxiety attacks! I freak out every time she takes my car out and I start watching the news to see if there were any recent accidents. I don’t remember being this psyched about driving. I sent her on like 4 different errands today and she did not mind driving back and forth.
She has such an agreeable personality it almost scary! None of that aggressive shit I get from my other siblings and they get from me. She is also extremely disciplined, taking morning and evening walks and swimming to stay fit, this girl has dropped 3 dress sizes since the last time I saw her! I am proud of you boo!

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What a fabulous weekend!

Kiwi called me early morning Saturday to invite me to join her yard sale. I quickly packed up all the junk I had stacked up and headed to her crib. Dayo joined us a little later and we went to work. Mehn yall should have seen how folks were going bananas for our stuff, and we were selling it real cheap. In fact it was so successful, we are planning on doing it again next weekend. Okay I left out the fact that I bought some stuff from both Dayo and Kiwi. Deola had this leather jacket that was hot but some oyinbo lady got to take it home for a mere $35..I was a bit upset but hey…she saw it first. Kiwi’s mum hooked us up with some food later on and we just chilled.

Princess O and I bounced because we had to go to Hilary Duff’s concert. We were about 20 minutes into our trip when I realized I left our tickets at kiwi’s crib….waramess. We finally got to the concert about 45 minutes late. Molayo asked me why we always had to be late for everything, the girl had a point, I need to work on my punctuality issues.
I sat through 2 hours of over-zealous screams of children aged 3-18. Omolayo asked me if it was alright for her to scream as well….it was good to see her enjoying herself. By the time we headed out, my head was vibrating and I was extremely worn out.

On Sunday I headed to the Airport to rent a car for my MD trip, I was planning on driving down for the day. My cousin was celebrating her daughter’s 10th birthday. I drove straight to Niyi’s place and we left for the party. It was a very well organized extravaganza, the food was terrific and Omolayo had an absolute blast. LA came to join me at the party we hung out the rest of the party in the hotel lobby because guests were overflowing from the rented hall. Niyi left LA and I and we met up with him later in the evening. Niyi and I talked for the longest, he shared some very disturbing info with me but I wont trip, and none of it was news anyway so I’ll just let it burn. I miss my dawg men, I am happy he is doing well but I still miss him…yo boo, I just may be joining you there soon ;) LA convinced me that I should stay the night in MD so we drove down to Mo’s crib. We stayed up gisting and carrying on…you know how we do. I am so not looking forward to going back home…Damn!

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