Monday, September 19, 2005

Dear all......


Bola Odegbami

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Sunday, September 18, 2005


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Thursday, September 15, 2005


OMG!! I am not a politically inclined person, infact I think news is boring and depressing. I rather not know...period. I am neither a democrat nor republican or any of those other BS parties. I found out about the Psuanami (SPELLING?) like 3 days after it happened and about New Orleans like a couple days afterwards (My heart goes out to the victims). I found Barbara Bushes bit on New Orlean hilarious....Like Oh hell na she didn't! Its funny cause I am painting a visual on how Bush and his hommies are putting heads together for damage control! HAHAHA I don't have any opinion on the war in Iraq, except that people should stop joing the damn army! if there is no one in the army then Bush and Sadam would have squashed there beef a long time ago.... street style. I get really irritated when I see celebrities going to African countries to deliver AIDS ridden victims and VH1 feels the need to broadcast, like they do not have an HIV wards in DC or in Newyork...hell in American hospitals! I just do not appreciate the negative portrayal of Africa! I know alot of people would like to bite my head off for some of the ignorant statements I have just made, so I beg please forgive me...I dont know better.
Anyway brings me to my point, my girlfriend sent me this email today, I would have deleted it but I was curious so I played along. It asked that I goole the word "failure" , I usually reserve my googling to digging up dirt on people and finding information, but I have never used it like this! Anywho I typed "failure" and guess who was first on the list? ..........................George Bush! Imagine that shit! LMAO!!! Are freaking kidding me? Our president? Okay so I am thinking this is some sort of a Hoax right?.... NOT!!! Its the official site for the white house!!! LMAO!!!
I bet those google boys, who happen to own blogger, and picasa and all the little things I enjoy on the web, had a good ol time with this one.
Hey can someone send Georgie a message that peewee called and he wants his brain back! LOLOLOL
Aight I am done being silly, I just thought I'd share those random norins with yall! HEHEHEHE

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Monday, September 12, 2005

This weekend was bananas!!

Last minute on Friday I decided to fly to MD, made more sense especially since gas prices were outrageous. So I bought my ticket at 3pm, Jim offered to take me to the Airport and I gladly accepted, I rushed home to pack and we dropped Omolayo off with Oyinade. She was so excited she started singing about going to college, she made me read her Cinderella on the way and insisted I made voices. She has a book list from school that I have to read her by the end of the school term…Lord have mercy!!
LA picked me up from the airport and we headed to Moji’s crib, she made ila-asepo and pounded yam for us. E.I came by to see me and we all watched Weed and were knocked out in record time.
***Sidetrack*** Has anyone seen Weed? It’s a series on Showtime about the widowed woman who deals weed to maintain her lifestyle now that her husband is gone…yo check it out, its funny! I was drawn to it because on episode 3 or 4 they played Yoruba music as the credits rolled, I mean Igile type Yoruba music, I was amused.
Anyway so I got up Saturday morning and took Moji’s car down to school to take my final exam for a class I took last semester, I aced that shit mehn!! I was supposed to have lunch with E.I and his mum but plans changed so I decided to hang out with Folusho instead. She made me rice and fried stew with like a zillion fried meat, I threw down!!
I left and headed back to B’more, Moji, Lola and I went to Seyi’s house, we chilled with her and viewed her wedding photo…kai its good to be married o..guiltless sex…..damn I cant wait! Seyi followed us back to moji’s crib and I made them fresh fish and rice…..All the damn rice I have been eating will soon grow on my head!
I insisted we should go out and I carried my bag and waited outside till those heifers came to join me ( they left me there for 30 minutes!) Seyi headed back home so it was just Bukk, Mo, LA and I. We went to some bar in Owings Mills and we had finger foods and one drink…I had a bone crusher, it was the bombdigiddy ! I flirted with Moji’s neighbor and invited him to come play with us! Mo had a fit…she made me swear off alcohol. I have zero tolerance for alcohol; I swear I get drunk off wine coolers! LMAO!!On Sunday Mo and I went to church, JH Baltimore, we left Lola at home to do some work she brought home since Friday. After church we went to Wande’s place she has a crib right by the Harbor. Moji Wande Nneka Bukky LA and I went to the Harbor for the afternoon, we walked down to the water taxis and took a ride to fells point we met some guys on the taxi that wanted to take picture with us (lord help us not to end up on the net with modified naked pictures), it was absolutely beautiful, its weird that I have lived in MD most of my life and I had only been to the Harbor once, on a fifth grade field trip! We had dinner at Du Claw, the food was superb! If you ever go there, try their Tilapia or Jambalaya or both! HHHHMMMMM! It was hella good. The chef thought we were cute so they gave us free food to go! We hung out outside by the water taking retarded pictures. We were all exhausted walking back to Wande’s crib. It was time for me to head out to the Airport. Damn I had fun!!

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Harbor 05

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Karma is a sonofabitch I tell you mehn!

When folks wrong you and you let go and let God, it is amazing how that shit comes back to bite them in the ass! I have decided to make retribution mehn to all the folks I have wronged. Please o, if I have offended you in anyway, shape or form…I APOLOGIZE!!! Infact call me up so I can apologize in person.
The slick shit that people do behind your back and even in your face (you know some heifer…. male and female lack couth) and think they’ve gotten away with…let me tell you! Always try not to do unto others what you don’t want done to your ass. And if you absolutely couldn’t help it and you hurt someone, make peace quick! The worst thing a person could do to you is to take you to the Big Man upstairs A.K.A GOD!
Okay so like a year or so ago, my livelihood was threatened and I was one bitter mofo but I had a lot of love and support from friends and family alike and I was able to pull through. I made a conscious effort to forgive and let God.
Let me just say God handled my business! I should be happy right? But far from it, I am devastated! I mean his payback is cruel and usual punishment that I am even feeling sorry for him. He is so fucked that he called MY shoulder to cry on…. Aint that a bitch! And despite myself, I actually listened and helped. I even called my mum up to help and she was like….” Se won sa si e ni? “ I quickly hung up before I saw the wrath of a woman mocked. Somehow I think he would have been better off if I dealt with his ass back then, at least my power is limited but in forgiving and moving on, I did him even more harm.
I guess it could just be a coincidence right? Naaaaaa, I think higher powers are driving the bus this time.So anywho, the gist of the story is…let go and let God. HE handles it in such a way that you show sympathy to the person that wronged you.

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Friday, September 09, 2005

Week ending 9/4/05

I saw Crash this weekend; we have this $1.50 movie theater around my way so my and my under-aged buddies went out. I love to hang out with these chicks (Dammy, Oyinade, Lolade, Lola, and Peju) because they make me feel 20 again except when they raid my closet then it’s like having 10 little sisters at once! I try keep up though but these chicks have mad stamina but they keep me laughing so it’s all good. We had dinner at some Chinese Restaurant called PF Chang.
About the crash movie…that shit stared racism in the face like WHOA! I mean I was ROTF when the little Chinese woman said "you step your blake too fast" and the Mexican girl was mocking her! And when the white dude was feeling that black chick up with her man right there, I was like Oh hell na!! It was a candid portrayal of racism AS IS…no sugar coating..walai! Go check it out! We went out to this club and for some weird reason the dance floor was now a seated area (my luck), so we sat around and ate Buffalo wings all night. We met the usual crowd there, Seyi, Dare, Dewunmi, Tuoyo and Dayo. They had even managed to drag Remi’s man up in the mix, and Tosin was in town as well so it turned into the same old shit different toilet.
Ayo got married on Saturday, Remi’s mum bought me Gale at the last minute because she did not see why I didn’t buy one, to be honest I had no reason except that I have been paying way to much money for Aso Ebi and I really don’t wear native so I felt I didn’t need to buy one, besides I have been somewhat anti- social so I wasn’t particularly interested. I will admit though that we looked hella good once we finally put it together.

If Denrele would just wake the hell up!

My Gale was from another planet!!

Since Monday was a holiday we hung out at my crib…..I cooked Jollof Rice and Fried Rice and bought some drinks…it was cool. I would have gone down to B’more to see my girl Mo except her heifer ass decided that she wanted to go to Canada! AS IF!!
I can’t complain though I had an absolutely fabulous weekend.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

This week get to know Remi

Name: Aderemilekun Adejoke Ladejobi
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Profession: Contract and Budget Officer
Hobbies: don't have any
Schools attended: St Johns primary School, Apata Memorial High School, NC State University, NC Central University ( emi ni kan tan)
Favorite book: are u joking? abeg- next question
Best friend: Do they exist for real?????????
Where are you from? Ijebu Ode
Favorite food: It used to be steak and fries ( but not sure after all these diet mess)
Ideal mate: A calm and understanding person that will take me for me
Most prized possesion: My relationship with my family- If I loose that peren - that is all I will say
Dislikes: Nagging and winning
One thing you would change about yourself...physically I will say my breast- those suckers are humongous (lol)>
What drives you?: The need to prosper
Describe yourself in one word: crazy
Who has had the most influence in your life besides God: A tie between my mama and Pastor Tofade
Words of advise for QB: hmmm... don't have any for her- cos she misunderstands me a lot.

Hmmm....let's see! Remi and I have been friends for over 10 years! Yes…a mighty long time!
We've grown apart in recent times but I am still grateful for the memories. I especially love this phenomenal woman for loving my daughter unconditionally (despite her mummy being Bola). She is the rock of so many people around her and though she refuses to accept her role as a leader she continues to lead by example.
Baby girl I know we may not see eye to eye on different levels but I am blessed to be your friend. Our strong personalities cause us to bump head frequently but I will always be there when you need me as you have been there for me. I know Omolayo is especially grateful for the way you have been there for her. No matter how hard you try otherwise you will still be on my "best friend" list. I know I am a difficult person to love so thanks for loving me anyway. Your strength, courage, perseverance and wisdom are commendable and I admire them. Your future is bright Miha, so brace yourself.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Egba mi o!!!

I got another one...yep the donut boy caught me once again! on the same street! Apparently you should only go 25MPH but yours truly was doing 41MPH being a school zone and does the donut boy know that? He did not have a lazer gun abi whatever they use! Let me find out!!! Ok that is my defense...I shall go to court and defend myself, admitting guilt is out of the question! So much for my keeping a low profile with my out of state tags!! I mean $250 saaarrrrraa was not on the budget! Oh hell na! The more I think about it the more I dey vex.
told him that I had just gotten a ticket for the same offense 2 days ago...the donut boy in tight knickers told me to have a great day!? talk about patronizing!!! Okay till October now..I shall appear in court and fight!!
Perhaps I should plead ignorance?
Na I go just lie jare!

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