Monday, April 17, 2006

This weekend was sick!

On Friday we decided to go to the movies, like 12 of us, we saw Inside Man, it was cool, and we all went home after wards.

On Saturday, I dropped Omolayo, UG and, Oyinade off at the salon and we ran errands for Remi’s upcoming wedding, afterward we had lunch. We all went shopping till we were exhausted.

Later that evening we went to Bogarts, not sure what we were celebrating but it was mad fun, as usual I had one drink and went bonkers (didn’t I say I was never gonna drink again?) Dinner was weird, some jambalaya with grits!!! Eww!
There was a live band and dude was strumming my pain!!! Remi was dancing so hard she split her knickers! LOLOLOLOL absofuckinglutely hilary! The pictures speak for themselves! We left the building at like 2am and I crashed. My kind of joint, not a club no loud music, no sweaty folks, food, live band and chill mode! I likes!!!

Trust that we were all present in Church on Sunday! I spent the better part of the morning giving thanks to God. I am in awe at how much he loves me! I am also grateful because like joke like Awada, Pricess O is 6! She received like 30 calls before we made it out the house! Her father called 5 times, I am sure he wanted to be here, he sent her birthday money (there Shade, I gave him props….now back off!) The dough came in handy because I took Omolayo’s friends out to Adventure landing, 9 kids and 25 adults!! A special thank you to Oyinade, she kept the kids entertained, I don’t know what I would do without my 3rd born, I love you Oyinade…but you already know that!

It was fun!!! I got on the go carts and had cars slamming into me left and right! I still have whiplash! After about 3 hours of madness, parents started coming by for their kids.
We all convoyed down to a party none of us was invited to 8 cars in tow, we arrived at the house party and continued the RARA. I don’t know what the occasion was self, just know Remi’s mumsy mention it and we were there…. but we had fun? I made my leave extra early because I still had 3 kids to drop off and tomorrow is Monday!Thank you everyone one for coming out with us. All 9 children…thanks for sharing Omolayo’s special day with us and the Aunties and Uncles… Remi, Dayo1, Dayo2, Tuoyo, Shade1, shade2, Shade3, Dammy, Adenrele, Funmi, Bayo, Gbemi, Oyinade, UG, Lolade, Wole, and Cree. Hope I did not forget anyone? A wa ba gbo gbo yin se iru e o!


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