Thursday, March 30, 2006

Me and my best Pig!

I swear yesterday was a trip man! I really tried to be on my best behavior cause the level of crassness was high, even for me!
It’s amazing though what impact all this negativity has had on my life, positive impact no less because now I am even closer to my friends and they have shown how supportive they can be. So Anonymous, ride on jare. If only you knew that I really couldn’t give a less fuck! In fact, my hits yesterday were over 300! I mean damn! People love drama and you put on quite a show, you definitely got more attention than your trifling ass deserved. But what exactly is your beef? I think the MN trip really got to you huh? Omo you should have been there man, it was BANANAS!!! Your comments are juvenile and your bitter state is evident so, rather than being upset, I feel sorry for your pathetic ass but like I said, if I were you I’d hate me too. I love the emails though, and death threats, but is it that serious? I thought I’d post a picture of how cute I really am and one of my favorite best ugly, fat pig, but honestly she is the cutest pig I’ve ever seen!
I swear if not for legal implications, I would post a picture of this 8 tooth baboon calling someone a fat ugly pig! That is laughable. But it’s done; I am screening my comments starting now so you will just have to bump your head on the pavement or send me an anoymous text!!!Buhahahahaahaaaaaa

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