Thursday, March 31, 2005

In a Hot minute!

I have not blogged in a minute!
Mostly because I have been inundated with work! I love my new job, it is absolutely fabulous, there are some issues but I don’t know any issueless working environment.
I was in ATL this last weekend, I drove up there with a couple of friends and Omolayo to see one of my best friends, and I hadn’t seen her in like 7 years!
It was awesome; we caught up on old times like we were never apart. She is now married with two beautiful kids. Her son is so adorable; it made me long for one myself (maybe next year). We went to Lenox mall, it was crucial, and all them heifers were dressed to hurt sombory. I mean the kind of gear I save for ‘the outing’ was mall gear for these biaches. Don’t let me start on the rides! I am not a car chick but DAYUM! Hummers and CLKs were as common as Galants in my hood! Every other Shaliqua was rolling on dubs! It was sick man!
Imade (my ATL friend) insisted we go to one owambe parry, it was a wedding actually the couple were renewing their vows. It was mad populated! The husband shed a few tears when toasting to his wife. It was soooooooo sweet! The food was off the chain, they had Naija Salad, Beans, Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Iyan, Efo, Moi Moi, Asaro, Got, Cow, Fresh Fish…. the list is endless! After stuffing my face like a Somolian orphan, I walked out to our car and took a nap for the remainder of the party. I had taken Tylenol PM earlier so I was sleepy as hell.
On Sunday we headed back home, it was hard to say goodbye. I was the designated driver back home; it was raining like hell so we did not get home till 2AM! And my ass had to work in the morning!

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Aduare's Birthday Dinner


Aduare's birthday, we all went out to dinner. It was quite nice!

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HIS time is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To God be the Glory! He turned my sorrows into dancing once again and I am most grateful.
My testimony is filled with stories of grace and mercy made true!
Everyone that knows me knows that for the last year, I have been miserable! I fussed to anyone who cared to listen and I cried on those that lent their shoulders.
After about three months of worthless job searches, countless interviews and a rejection, He did it!
I have been on about 15 interviews in the last three months since the beginning of my Job search and nothing has interested me, with the exception of one particular job with a Cisco affiliate. I was excited to be a part if their team because I would be working in the on Cisco site and I would get free soda and water! (Awoof).
I did not hear back from them and I was mad disappointed but a good friend of my lifted my spirit and encouraged me to keep looking.
I got a call on Thursday last week for an Interview on Friday with this one company (I aint telling and you know why!) I went there reluctantly but I figured it was worth a try and boy was it! I was hired on the spot and they wanted me to start on Monday! Imagine that! I was soooooooooooo happy! It blew my mind! Not only did I finally get a job, I got a better compensation than they were offering at Cisco and than I did at Comcast!
It confirmed to me that God was faithful, I have always known it but I needed to be reminded. As for the soda I was seeking at Cisco, well this job provides not only soda and water but also breakfast and snacks! It’s a huge Fortune 500 company and there is opportunity for growth! I thank God for his tender mercies. I waited 3 days to share my news with the world because it seemed unreal, but my mum told me last night to stop waiting for what will go wrong, ‘stop doubting God and start thanking him’.

To all my friends who God used to support me, financially, spiritually, morally and otherwise….I thank you!

To my mum for all the prayers you said on my behalf and the weekly direct deposits to my account to ensure that I was comfortable even if you weren’t …... I thank you!
To Elisa for your prayers and for believing in me more than I believed in myself….I thank you!
To Dare for your love and moral support but mostly for slapping me out of self pity mode…I thank you!
To Moji for all the love and the checks you sent my way…I thank you!
To Bode for dissuading me from taking that sales job and for various checks you gifted me with without my asking…. I thank you!
To Remi…for encouraging me to keep trying and for being my rock the whole time and picking up Omolayo from school…I thank you!
To Niyi….for the I owe yous that I owe you….I thank you!
To Ekpen, my Edo Prince… for reminding me of how special I am and lending your ear and your Nextel minutes whenever I felt like venting…I thank you!
To Denrele, Bukky and Dupe for filling in for me during those 15 interviews…. I thank you!
To Dayo for helping me maintain my sanity and lifting my spirits with your daily phone call at Hilda’s….I thank you!
To inspire me to want to do better, thanks for the G-string
Last but most definitely not the least, to my girl Bukky in MD…. that one conversation we had put things into perspective, your wisdom is far be beyond your years and I pray that God will overwhelm you with Favor…. thank you!
To everybody that I did not mention…. forgive me…. and Thank you!

I don’t know what you are believing God for right now but, just have faith and he will do it for you as he has done it for me.

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Sanford hit my car!

Sometime in September last year, I was at a hospital picking up my cousin from her prenatal appointment. As I was entering the parking garage the truck in front of me reversed and slammed into me. I was so pissed, I did not move, I mean WTF?
The driver got out and asked me if I was ok, he was a black man that looked about 75 years old, I told him to just move his car because at this point we were blocking the flow of traffic. I thought about calling the police but my license was suspended and I did not have insurance so I figured I would let it slide. I followed him to the lot and we parked, I got out to inspect the damage and I found that there was a whole the size of a baseball in my bumper. He begged me not to call the police and promised to fix my car. I felt sorry for him so I agreed to let him fix my car. I took down his information and insurance should he renege on our agreement. I waited for his call but I did not hear from him so I called his insurance company. They came out and took an estimate and told me to wait while the collaborated my story with their client.
Turns old Sanford says I hit him and he did not report it because there was no damage to his car so his insurance company denied my claim! I was mad as hell! I went to the hospital to get some proof because they had 24hours surveillance; I was told that the damages done to my car was under 1K so they could not pull the tape! OMG! Imagine the BS! I was so mad, I called the old man and cursed him out, and then I made repeated calls to his house over the next few days till I was over it. It wasn't like the damage was that big a deal, it was just the principle, why would you lie about something like that? Especially an old man! I remember him pleading with me saying how prosecuted the BLACK man was and how this would cause his insurance to be dropped. I can't believe I bought the BS!
Anyway I am bring this up now because I ran into the old fart again today at a stop light as I was dropping Omolayo off in school. Apparently he recognized me as well because he smiled and waved! I jumped out of my car and walked up to his and I pointed in his face saying "You are a bad, bad man! You'll soon die and I pray they don’t let you in heaven!" He looked hurt by my words. I walked back to my car trying to figure out what the hell I just did! With all these crazy people out here, I could have been shot! Then there is the elementary crap I said, I bet he's sorry now! Oooohhh weeee! That was some dumb move I made but I wasn’t thinking, thank God I wasn’t hurt and I take back the stuff I said to Sanford as well! Its all good!!!

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Live in Peace (LIP)

Do you wonder what people would say about you if you weren't present and they knew it couldn’t get back to you? Or even what they wouldn’t say? What they thought? What they wrote in private? I read about an exercise that helps you get a clear window into the thoughts of others concerning you. It may sound morbid but the idea is to write your own obituary, it doesn’t indicate you have some hidden desire to die or what no, rather, it is for you to see yourself as others see you. Think of someone you think loves you; another you know hates you, a jealous one, a relative, a close friend, and lastly a mere acquaintance. Write down in one word each one would use in describing you, and then write your obituary as you think each person would. If you are honest in this exercise you would find people have some thoughts about you, you never knew. It will help you understand why people are the way they are and to never take anything at face value. It will also help you understand why people say certain things to you and what those things mean.

I got the opportunity to hear the inner thoughts of someone I love, and my findings were somewhat disturbing, I found that the things I thought were sacred were not such a big deal, the words that rang true were just lies, and most importantly what I wanted wasn’t something I needed.
Before you discount my experiment for its morbidity...... try it first.

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Deciding What to Wear to Court......


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I was in a pissy mood most of today, I can't really explain what I was upset about but you could tell I was upset. I applied for like 2 dozen more jobs online, in the hope that I will find my next dream job. I remember how much I complained about my Comcast job, how I wanted to strangle bitch and would take the day off for even a bad hair day! Now even the thought of dealing with bitch as she flexed her bossy muscle seems relatively hot. Last Sunday pastor talked about making drastic decisions and not thoroughly thinking things through, I sometimes wonder if my choice to move here was one of those decisions then I stop to count my blessings one by one and they affirm I made the right choice. I have been very lucky concerning employment, at my first job, some 7 years ago I was earning $9 an hour and was still living at home with no responsibility, in those days and by those standards I was well paid and it just got better as the years passed.
Omolayo is learning to spell now so she spells every word in site and she asks for there meaning. This morning she asked me to spell 'why' and then she said I should use it in a question, I corrected her, telling her that she meant use it in a sentence, she insisted that 'why' is for asking questions not for sentences! I was flabbergasted; I can't believe my four years old is teaching me grammar! So far we've learnt to spell 'it, is, the, tree, stop, house, if, why, of, boy, Lexus (don’t ask)'.

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America's Top Asswipe!

I am devout fan of America's Top model but last night's episode was super wacked ! I mean WTF is that big nose girl still doing up there? It was one thing that she was chosen to start with but that she is still up there….that shit is annoying!

Since I am on the topic of asswipe, why the hell do I feel like one? I have always known about a certain situation but sometimes you play stupid to avoid getting your feelings hurt. I am starting to see this in a new light though, sometimes you need to know to know...Does that make sense? Probably not, since I am not willing to divulge what I know...I will shut the hell up or should I say rest my fingers LOL

I have like a dozen things to do over the next few months; catch up on my school work, attend a couple out of town wedding, attend a friends housewarming, plan Omolayo's birthday parry and figure out what else I can do to get that shock factor out of people.

I have had a lot of anxiety over the last few days, but at last I feel berra!
I was pissed earlier this week because I did not get my dream job. You know how you want something so bad you can taste it? That was how I felt about this job, but the morasuckers did not hire me I have this to say to them bamas..can't nobody take my pride, can't nobody hold me down, oh no...I'm gonna keep on looking!

Till I blog again...

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

And another one!

My brother is doing big thangs! Big ups to Eric! I found this link the other day, my immediate brother is an aspiring artist as well ....damn talent must run in our veins!
Considering all my siblings have the trademark forehead we got from our daddy, it should'nt be hard to figure out which one is my brother!
....And the boy has a nice bod! Too bad we are family!

Click the link and press 'play'

Planet X Radio Events Portland, Oregon
They are called Flatline you can click on the 'artist' link to hear more samples.

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Friday, March 04, 2005

I've got huge BALLZ!!!


Yes I know! A bit drastic, but after my hair mishap the other day...I just said fuck it! It'll take some getting used to but it felt so good spending $20 on my hair....including tip!!!!

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

I am certifiably BALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I glued some tracks in my hair last week and I was just about sick of them! My head couldn't breathe and you would swear I had a bad case of kurujeje on my scalp the way I was scratching earlier today! In fact the gardner at work offered me a shovel!
So i figure I remove my European fixer-upper, simple right? I mean I have done this like a gazillion times it ought to be a breeze. I picked up what I assumed to be bond remover and applied it vigorously on my scalp making sure I saturated every track, I noticed the liquid was somewhat sticky but I kept applying. I let it sit for like an hour hoping for an easy removal (usually I would wait overnight to start plucking). I started working out the weave and found that it was rock solid, my whole head was tangled in a big white fuss! WTFIGOH!!!!!
A bit baffled i picked up the container and read the label only to find that I had applied white hair bond and not hair bond remover! It came in the same type of container as the remover only it wasn't remover! OMG!!!! I freaked! I opened up a box of dark and lovely and started scooping out relaxer to help me with ths hair emergency and I watched as the better half of the already scarce hair I have departed my scalp!

I'll admit, good hair was not one of the things God blessed me with so I pride myself in my ability to drop $60 bucks in a heartbeat for my touch-ups and $35 bi-weekly to keep my do up to par but this here was bad judgment! Now my scalp is burning like a 42nd street whore and I can actually count the strands remaining! I look like a wet chicken! I am a sure candidate for extreme make-over! Pls help! What the hell am I going to do! Somebory wake my ass up and tell me it was a bad dream!

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